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Hello welcome to my series on the history of the first person shooter. Whether you enjoy new shooter like Overwatch or Counter Strike GO, or maybe you prefer the traditionals. It is good to know the origin of this brilliant subgenre of games. The first shooter we will be talking about is Wolfenstein 3D, Wolfenstein was originally a 2D platform series and a company called id software got a hold of the rights to make the game and they made Wolfenstein 3D. Wolfenstein 3D is basically the first first-person shooter to come into the scene, but it was the different perspective that changed everything. Eventually they would go, this company id, would then release their next property, which is called the grandfather of shooters, DOOM. DOOM is just the most influential shooter of all time, it took what they had from Wolfenstein, and refined it and changed the elements from it to make it a fast pace action filled shooter. In DOOM you play as a space marine that finds a portal to hell on Mars and must battle demons. To match this crazy concept they gave you crazy gameplay with guns that would explode enemies and this ultra cartoony violence. Later on id would refine it even more with their series Quake, it is very similar, its about another marine battling aliens, but where as Wolfenstein and DOOM were semi-2D, id decided to use proper £D with Quake like the guns and all the weapons were 3D. Later on Quake qould then develop into one of the most important features of first person shooters, Quake 3 Arena introduced multiplayer and was multiplayer only. and all its fun elements now you could use against each other, which now you could rocket launchers to blow up your friends. Also at the same time was a series called Unreal, they were a very similar sort of games, and Unreal added in finer features like zooming in with your scope and other sort of weapons. And then on the other side there was Valves Half Life, Valve are a very big company.  You may have heard of their series today, stuff like Team Fortress 2, Half Life that has just been mentioned and Counter Strike which will be mentioned later. So Half Life was mainly important for adding in narrative, while people enjoyed the gameplay of DOOM and Unreal, they didn’t have the sort of in depth stories, or at least not to the extent that Half Life would give to the entire genre.  Half Life you play as a scientist when aliens come through a portal and you just have to survive, and thats just a simplistic overview of it because really the game is more coplex even more in later in the series. The series just became a cornerstone for the first person shooter. Also coming from Half Life, was a multiplayer game was Counter Strike. It took the engine from Half Life but made it like a counter terrorist vs terrorist team based shooter. In Counter Strike, there came this game, like people got more of this professionalism in it. And then went to really figure out the mechanics, because it was much more challenging with more realistic elements, like you couldn’t jump like you could in Quake, in Quake you could rocket jump. In CS you couldn’t do that as people would just kill you, and from Counter Strike came more modern first-person shooters which we will talk about in another episode.

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