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Comparing Video Hosting Websites

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Comparing Video Hosting Websites



Dailymotion is a video hosting website, it functions similarly to others. However the amount of time a video can be is much smaller in comparison to its rivals with it being 60 minutes. One feature it has is the ability to put password protection on a video, meaning only people with a password can view it, even when its embedded. Or like the other videos, completely private so that only the uploader can see it.



YouTube is by far the most popular video hosting website. It is also the one I feel is easiest to use and the one i have the best understanding of. I already have an account for YouTube. It has an upload limit of 20GB in outdated browsers, or 128GB, because of my content, the file size should be well under the limit. Also there is time limit of 11 hours for videos, and again, my video will only be at maximum of 15 minutes, but it is good that if I needed to, I could upload much larger and longer videos. One advantage is that YouTube can also allow videos in which only those with a link can see, preventing the video being found on search or on the uploaders channel. This gives uploaders more choice on who sees their video/s. The only downside to YouTube is a lack of password protection, but I do not need that for this project, because the unlisted option works well enough, should I need more privacy with the videos. YouTube is the one I plan to use, but i may upload it on multiple sites.



Vimeo is similar to other video hosting sites, but is considered more professional, and has a more professional community. There are a few minors differences, for example Vimeo lacks ads before the video, which can be a better experience for some users. However, small videos that do not get many views on YouTube also seem to lack advertising, so it doesn’t provide much of an advantage. There is also a lot more options for privacy, you can set it public, private, password protection, setting it so that only followers can see it, set it so that accounts i personally choose are the only ones to see it and have it be unlisted or link only (except you have to pay to put on the last 2 privacy settings).

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