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The purpose of my video was create a pilot video for a web series. I had a lot of creative freedom with what I could do. I chose a subject I was interested in and knowledgeable about, First-Person Shooter video games, because of how good the idea was, I don’t think i’d change the entire concept, maybe only vary slightly. I was able to successfully create and upload my video before my set deadline of the 24th of June. However, I felt I could have managed my time better, and spent more time on the video than the conceptual aspects of this project, particularly since I found the most enjoyable part of the project was the actual editing.

One way I could have improved time management was to create smaller deadlines and milestones, and break the project into stages, like concepts, resource gathering and editing. I could have also improved my documentation by adding it in increments instead of saving it all and adding large amounts near the end of the project.

With the video itself, I think there are plenty of minor changes I could make to raise it to a more professional quality. If I were to do it again, I would add in an animated intro sequence, more effects on top of the gameplay and footage of myself and I would have changed my camera and microphone settings on the smartphones I used, because I felt that it would have helped improve the quality overall, particularly the audio, as that is arguably the most important part of the video, as it is how I get across the information  I am trying to share, which is the point of the video. I also would try record more takes so that there would be less stuttering and mumbling throughout the video. The camera footage was decent, but the lighting made everything a bit more pale and lighter than it should have been, I applied a filter which helped, but ultimately it would have been best to record with better lighting.

Overall I enjoyed my product and was pleased with my final product for the most part, but there are definitely improvements I wish to make in the future. Particularly for recording footage that wasn’t in game.

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